"I want to be in community, share community, and create community" - Motivational Movement Ep. 1

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Juanny Romero has a virtual sit down with Leticia Apablaza and opens up about her love and passion for community and her role as CEO of Mothership Coffee Roasters. Great interview with a very inspiring message!

Pay it Forward Program:

About Mothership Coffee Roasters:



A born and raised New Yorker Juanny’s heart and her why is community. She is a creator of Communities and uses coffee as her mechanism. Juanny’s background is in the food and beverage industry. She was raised in her parents restaurant in Queens. She has a love of food and passion for deep intimate conversations. As CEO of the company, we are focused in delving deeper in enriching the members of our community. We form community partnerships to work with the social fabric on a daily basis as part of our mission statement.

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